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10% For Sanctuaries Fundraiser

Our big yearly fundraiser for sanctuaries has began! Here is how it works:

The wonderful vegan businesses listed below are donating 10% of sales to the fundraiser, which benefits 3 animal sanctuaries. The businesses have chosen to donate from 1 day, the closing weekend (Nov. 15-17) or for the whole week of Nov. 11 - 18. The day(s) the businesses have chosen to donate are listed next to the links to their sites.

You can participate simply by shopping with these companies during the days they are donating.

Or, you can make a straight donation to the event donation page.

This year the fundraiser is benefitting Chimp Sanctuary Northwest, Out To Pasture Sanctuary, and Hope Animal Sanctuary. Please check out the amazing work these places to for animals.

A huge and heartfelt thank you to Tofurky and Chicago Vegan Foods for their very generous donations to help get this fundraiser off the ground in a fine fashion!

Ok! here is the list of the awesome vegan businesses who are so generously donating (thanks everybody!):

The Herbivore Clothing Company: Donating in store and online all week, Nov. 11 - 18. Portland, OR. (Herbivore on Facebook)

Food Fight Grocery: Donating in store and online Nov. 15-17. Portland, OR. (Food Fight on Facebook)

Sweetpea Baking Company: Donating in store all week, Nov 11 - 18. Portland, OR. (Sweetpea Baking Company on Facebook)

X's to O's Vegan Bakery: Donating in store Nov. 15-17, Troy, NY. (X's to O's on Facebook)

Rabbit Food Grocery: Donating Nov. 15-17, Austin, TX. (Rabbit Food Grocery on Facebook)

Compassion Company: Donating online Nov. 15-17, New Haven, CT. (Compassion Company on Facebook)

Counter Culture Restaurant: Donating in store, Nov. 15, Austin, TX. (Counter Culture on Facebook)

Lagusta's Luscious: Donating in store and online, New Paltz, NY. Nov. 15 (Lagusta's Luscious on Facebook)

Park + Vine: Donating in store Nov. 17, Cincinnati, OH. (Park + Vine on Facebook)

Upton's Breakroom: Donating in store Nov. 15, Chicago, IL. (Upton's Breakroom on Facebook)

NOOCH Vegan Market: Donating in store and online Nov. 17, Denver, CO. (NOOCH Vegan Market on Facebook)

Portobello Vegan Trattoria: Donating in store Nov. 17, Portland, OR. (Portobello Vegan Trattoria on Facebook)

Alternative Outfitters Vegan Boutique: Donating online Nov. 14, Pasadena, CA. (Alternative Outfitters on Facebook)

Sticky Fingers Bakery: Donating in store Nov. 12, Wash. D.C. (Sticky Fingers Bakery on Facebook)

Native Bowl: Donating in store Nov. 15-17, Portland, OR. (Native Bowl on Facebook)

Vegan Pet Sitter: Donating all week, Torrance, CA. (Vegan Pet Sitter on Facebook)

Beary Organics: Donating online all week (Beary Organics on Facebook)

OAK Barbershop: Flat donation made, Portland, OR. (OAK Barbershop on Facebook)

Panda With Cookie: Donating online all week, Portland, OR (Panda With Cookie on Facebook)

The Ginger Card Company: Donating online all week, Orlando, Florida

Asacha Teas: Donating online all week, Leesburg, VA.

For The Love Of Shallots: Donating online, all week. (For The Love Of Shallots on Facebook)

Teeny Tiny Tantrums: Donating online, all week. (Teeny Tiny Tantrums on Facebook)

Cherokee Rose Inn B&B: Donating all week.

Miakoda: Donating all week. (Miakoda on Facebook)

Cynthia King Vegan Ballet Slippers: Donating Nov. 15 - 17. (Cynthia King Dance Studio on Facebook)

Kare-N-Wear: Donating Nov. 15 - 17

Sweet Hereafter: Donating Friday Nov. 15

The Bye and Bye: Donating Friday Nov. 15

The Parlour: Flat donation made.