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Have you hugged a cow today?

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The History Of Our Cow Hugger!

All of our designs have a story. They have heart, meaning, and a message of compassion. Our Cow Hugger design is no different. It was born way back in 2005 and ever since, it has been one of our most popular designs. We commissioned this drawing from the very talented artist Jen Corace. We told her the basics of what we had in mind and it turned out perfectly! Her ability to capture emotion in her drawings is her greatest talent.

Our hope for this design was to get people to remember that they once loved animals in a very honest way. Somewhere along the line we lost this, and though we may love animals still, it becomes dishonest. Can you really love someone you are complicit in harming?

Children do not want to see animals harmed, but at some point they are given animals to eat and the circumstances are not explained to them. If they knew, what would a child choose to eat? Somewhere along the line we exit childhood and gain the ability to inform ourselves and make our own decisions. Sadly, it is too late for most people to reconnect with that very honest, simple love of animals. Those of us who find our way back usually have to overcome pressures from all sides - friends, family, tradition, co-workers, religion.

It should be simpler. It should be easier to find our way back to that honest love we felt as children.

We put this design on a women's tee, a unisex hoodie, a tote, buttons, and stickers. Wear it, share the message, and let's get more people to remember the animals! Go hug a cow! Love is life changing!



The cornerstone of our democracy is a government by the people, for the people. When we vote for our leaders we have the opportunity to be a voice for the voiceless. We must vote for those that uphold the principals and morals that are important to us. So, speak up, speak out, wear a Vegan [...]

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 You loved our A Little Veganism Never Hurt Anybody Mason Jar, and you asked for more! Our new Herbivore Circle and Only Kale Can Save Us Now Mason Jars are sure to make your drinks all the more stylish and fun! The perfect tag along for all your summer activities! 16oz wide mouth jars. Eco-friendly and [...]

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Herbivore Enamel Pins!

NEW! Herbivore Enamel Pins! Hey vegan! We love you and we know you love pins. That's why we made these rad metal and enamel pins just for you. So Fancy, eh? Bright colors and meaningful Herbivore designs. These are just what you need to adorn your jackets, backpacks, hats, sneakers, vests, shoes, and more.4 designs, [...]

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Who doesn't love stickers?! We obviously do because we got a little excited and launched a whole new batch of stickers. New designs, new colors, and few reimagined classics. 24 new stickers in all for you to have fun with! Decorate your water bottle.Spiffy up your bike.Veganify your car bumper.Great for notebooks, planners, laptops, [...]

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Be Kind, Especially To Animals!It's really pretty simple, kindness rules! Our new design reminds us to carry kindness into the world wherever we go, like an awesome superpower! Check out these fab new styles and find your fave...  The lightweight fabric of the Be Kind Unisex Eco Jersey Zip-Up Hoodie is so soft and comfy. This is [...]

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Mason Jars & Accessories!

You Asked, We Answered!Now available by popular demand are our A Little Veganism Never Hurt Anybody Mason Jars. The uses for these 16oz mason jars are limited only by your imagination. Personally, we like to fill 'em up with tasty locally brewed beer (we're so excited for Vegan Beer Fest!), but you just go ahead [...]

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Eat Like You Give A Damn Women's Tee $25Did Someone Say SALE ?!?!?!?! This is a big one guys! We've really been feeling the love lately from all of our amazing customers (you guys are so awesome!) so we felt like doing something extra special.This week ALL Eat Like You Give A Damn Clothing is $5 [...]

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Herbivore's Kids Collection !

  We have met some truly awesome vegan kiddos over the years and these wunderkind are the inspiration for our Herbivore kids collection! NEW! A Little Veganism Never Hurt Anybody kids tees, onesies, and bibs. The newest addition to our kids collection featuring one of our most popular designs!I'm Vegan And I Love You Bunny Tee for [...]

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   Listen to your heart! It's as simple as that. What does your heart tell you when you see an animal suffering? Our hearts say don't eat animals or cause harm to any living being. This Listen To Your Heart Women's Slouchy Tee is a great way to spread the message while looking darn good, [...]

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