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A bundle of love for Valentine's Day

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For that special someone...

Need a fabulous gift for a vegan that you love to the moon and back? We've got you covered baby! We have put together a gift bundle deal that saves you some cash, will delight your loved one, and gives back at the same time. A portion of the proceeds of each bundle sold will be donated to the Food Empowerment Project. How's that for spreading the love?! Each bundle includes:

  • Herbivore Circle Logo Mason Jar
  • Choice of ONE Card: You + Me Heart, Dog & Cat, OR Chocolate Dipped
  • Choice of ONE Perennial Lip Balm: Chocolate Orange, Caffe Latte, OR Strawberry
  • Stickers: I'm Vegan & I Love You, Listen to Your Heart, I'm Vegan & I Love You
  • 1" Mini Buttons: I Love Vegans, Compassion Is Invincible, Love Life (No Matter Whose)
  • Food Empowerment Project Dark Chocolate Bar with Creamy Caramel (ethically sourced chocolate!)

Total value of this gift is over $25! You may type in your choices of card and lip balm at check-out. Otherwise we will choose for you :)  **while supplies last

Learn more about Food Empowerment Project at www.foodispower.org

We love you!