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Just Released: Going Vegan by Joni Marie Newman & Gerrie Lynn Adams

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If you're just making the transition to veganism or know someone who is (hooray!), newly released Going Vegan is a comprehensive guide that will surely be an essential resource throughout the journey... and beyond. 

Best-selling cookbook author Joni Marie Newman teamed up with healthy-eating specialist Gerrie Lynn Adams to create a book geared toward helping anyone interested in adopting a plant-based lifestyle. They cover all the basics from veganism for health, the environment, the animals, and your wallet, to pantry staples, recipes (many are allergy-friendly), and meal planning. 

Recipe chapters include beautiful photographs to tempt you into the kitchen so that you will be cooking nutritious and obviously delicious meals in no time. How could anyone refuse Crispy Toaster Waffles, Spinach & Mushroom Eggless Benedict, Hearty Chik'n Noodle Soup, Super Stacked Veggie Burgers, Sweet & Smoky Tempeh Strips, Herb-Crusted Coconut Chevre, Grilled Citrus Cauliflower Steaks, and Amaretto Cupcakes (hello, I love cupcakes)?!

Once you've mastered the recipes, invite your family and friends or the staff here at Herbivore, over for a meal... we're always hungry and never turn down tasty vegan food!