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Love Life, No Matter Whose tank has launched.

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We live in Portland, Oregon, home of the lingering winter of drizzling days in the 40s or 50s. It's not brutal, like when we lived in Chicago, or when I was in school in Boston, but it does get tiring right about now every year. We have come up with a plan to encourage spring and discourage winter. I wish there was science to back up this plan, but alas, all we have behind this initiative is wishful thinking and a longing for warm, sunny days of restoring our vitamin D levels on the deck with friends and a frosty beverage in hand.

Our plan? Print up tank tops and wear them around. We feel spring will see this bold move and be all "Oh hell yeah, they want me!" and hurry along. On the flipside, winter will be all "Oh I see how it is. You don't have to tell me twice, I'm outta here!"

So! In support of this thoroughly ridiculous campaign, we offer up these Love Life, No Matter Whose tanks! The only thing we can promise is that these are awesome, you will love it, and that spring WILL come and it may be because of our efforts, or in may be in spite of them. But it will come! And we will all be ready!