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New York City this weekend! See you there.

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See that coffee mug? Michelle got that for me last year when she attended the New York City Vegetarian Food Festival. You could get one too, but they are hard to find as there were only 10 million made. I rarely use it because of how rare it is. But I used it this morning because this morning Michelle got up at some ungodly hour to get to the airport to fly to NYC for this year's fest.

She packed TONS of stuff to sell as in past years the event has been so busy we've run out of certain crowd-pleasers early. I should say, if you are going to the event and have something in mind that you want, you might try and find our table earlier rather than later because this event has been getting bigger and better every year. We know, this is our third year in a row tabling at it. We hate when someone comes up looking for something and we've sold out of their size, so hit us up early!

Speaking of events we love! Today I (Josh) am going to be putting the final touches on the t-shirt design for the Texas Vegfest. This is definitely one of our favorite events of the year. This is the third year of this event and it too just gets better and better. We love it because it's outdoors, there's great music (it's on Austin!), and we love visiting that city seeing old friends and seeing all the amazing animal friendly businesses that are popping up there. That town is on fire with vegan stuff! Have you been to Capital City Bakery yet!? Hey, I designed a shirt for them too! Have you been to Sweet Ritual?! Have you been to Counter Culture?! The Vegan Nom?! I can't even list all the great spots, but Lazy Smurf has so check this guide out if you are headed that way.

Hope to see you all in New York this weekend or Austin in early April.