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On Our Bookcase: Salad Samurai by Terry Hope Romero

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Do you love salad? Of course you do! Although vegans often get teased for indulging in salads, let it be known that salads are much more than iceberg lettuce leaves, veggies, and vinaigrettes. They can be hearty and satisfying meals with a medley of components and toppings… Candied pecans and coconut bacon, I’m looking at you!

Terry Hope Romero’s newest book, Salad Samurai, is tasty proof that salads can be filling, inventive, and enjoyed by everybody, not just vegans. Cleverly organized by season and filled with beautiful photographs, this masterpiece will ensure that you savor delicious produce at its peak throughout the year. There’s tips too! Learn how to plan ahead for a week’s worth of salads, press tofu like a pro, transport your creations to work (so you can make your co-workers jealous!), and become familiar with ingredients like liquid smoke and flaky sea salt.

It was incredibly difficult to choose only a handful of recipes to highlight for this post - I marked so many before finally deciding on two.

First up: Smoothie Granola Bowl

When you can’t decide between a smoothie or a bowl of granola for breakfast, try this colorful and nourishing meal. Composed of a thick and fruity smoothie, fragrant spiced granola, and lots of fun garnishes, you will be energized until lunchtime. Plus, who doesn’t want to eat a smoothie with a spoon?

Next, I made the Spring Herb Salad with Maple Orange Tempeh Nibbles:

It might be summertime here in Portland, but I won’t turn down a recipe with the word “nibbles”. There’s a nice variety of texture and flavor in this recipe thanks to crisp veggies, candied pecans, mixed greens, and a bright lemony dressing. The original ingredient list calls for strawberries, but I only had raspberries - still delicious!

More tempting recipes include: Grilled Kale Caesar Salad, Pepperoni Tempeh Pizza Salad, Smokehouse Chickpeas ‘N’ Greens Salad, Almond Falafel Crunch Bowl, and Coconut Carrot Cake Salad. Guess I better chop to it, eh? (See what I did there?!)

Have you made any recipes from Salad Samurai