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Our pancake go-to.

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Perhaps you are like us and you have a lot of cookbooks, but there are a few that are a bit more worn than the others. And within those, there are some pages that get the most attention. Or they used to because you've memorized the recipe.

You know, like Isa's chickpea cutlets in Veganomicon on page 133. Or Julie's seitan roast on page 121 in Vegan Diner

When it's pancake time at our house, which is often a Saturday or Sunday morning event, I grab The New Farm Vegetarian Cookbook and turn to page 187. Got that page memorized. Plus, when I grab the book I sing the Snoop/Dre song. 

It's vegan kid approved (see picture), so simple and works every time. We put bananas in sometimes, often we go blueberry. I was THIS CLOSE do making chocolate chip/marshmallow pancakes this morning with Dandies but held myself back. 

We also usually put half the sugar the recipe calls for, which is more a reflection on us than the recipe. We half the sugar in most things. That way we don't feel bad when we eat twice as much!