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Clean Food by Terry Walters


Product Description

The subtitle to this book is: A seasonal guide to eating close to the source with more than 200 recipes for a healthy and sustainable you.

Seasonal cooking is the best way to get foods at their peak of flavor and freshness. I remember the first spinach leaf I ate from the first spinach plant we grew a few years ago. It was a revelation! I had no idea spinach didn't come off the plant wilted! Mostly because all I'd eaten to that point was produce that came from far away and had been on a truck or a shelf for who knows how long. Same thing happened when we grew carrots. So, if you want your food at it's best, seasonal is the way to go. And why screw that food up with anything processed or artificial? Keep it simple, keep it flavorful, that is all you need. And that is where this book comes in. The recipes are amazing but this isn't JUST a cookbook. There is a lot of knowledge in here about nutrition, kitchen tools, cooking methods, eating for balance, ways to improve your health and digestion, amongst other things. Great resource AND cookbook.

It's also hardcover, and HUGE. This beast is like a textbook!



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