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Events - Come See Us!

2015 Events:

February 5, Teff Love Book Launch! 5-8pm, The Herbivore Store, 1211 SE Stark St.

February 22, Birthday Party For Rescued Calves!, Wildwood Farm Sanctuary

March 1, Vegan Street Fair, Los Angeles, CA

March 7, Pressure Cooking with JL & Book Party!, 12-2pm, The Herbivore Store

March 14 & 15, New York City Vegetarian Food Festival, The Metropolitan Pavilion, NYC

March 27-29, Healthfest 2015, Marshall, TX

April 4, Texas VegFest, Austin, TX

May 29, Vida Vegan Con, Austin, TX

October 3, DC VegFest, Washington, DC

October 17, Texas State Veggie Fair, Dallas, TX

October 24 & 25, Boston Vegetarian Food Festival, Boston, MA

November 7, Atlanta VegFest, Atlanta, GA

November 14 & 15, Portland VegFest, Portland, OR




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