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Listen to Your Heart Women's Black Slouchy Tee


Product Description

People go to great lengths trying to justify why they eat animals, and to shoot down the reasons you don't. People cite tradition, and faulty facts, and so called "humane meat" to try and convince you and themselves that it's ok. Yet, almost everyone, when confronted with a story of animal suffering, will feel sadness for the animal. Almost everyone can tell you about an animal they love or have loved and how that relationship made their life fuller.

It's in all of our hearts to love and care about animals. 

This design is a call for people to quiet the voices of society on every billboard telling them to eat burgers and nuggets. To set aside traditions we barely even consider the origins of anymore, that put an animal body on the plate in front of us. To put hard questions to the status quo which tell us it's ok to eat animals, much like we question racism, sexism, and gay rights, and endless wars and other social justice issues. This design is a call to set aside all those layers of culture telling you the animals are here for you to eat and to not think about their lives or their suffering. This design is a call to people to consider how much they may love a dog or a cat and think hard about what makes a chicken or a pig so much different and not worthy of that love.

Shut out all the voices telling you it's ok, quiet your own voice repeating what you've been told.
What does your heart tell you when you see an animal suffering?

Super soft with a lovely drape, slouchy fit, and wide neckline that can be pulled off the shoulder. 
Printed on Bella Canvas Flowy Tees
50% Polyester, 37.5% Cotton, 12.5% Rayon
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