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Gone are the days of boxy, sweatshop-made shirts! We source the shirts we print on from a variety of ethical manufacturers, many of whom are pushing the boundaries of eco-friendly materials. We carry products made of bamboo, organic cotton, recycled cotton, recycled plastic bottles, hemp, and more, alongside our more traditional cotton and poly/rayon fabrics. The sizing from company to company varies so please check the sizing charts for any garment you have your eye on. Better to order once than have to send something back and exchange it.

If you do get a shirt that is the wrong size, we understand. Things happen and we know it's hard to know how something is going to fit over the internet, isn't it?

If you need more assistance, or an opinion, we are more than happy to provide you with either. Just contact orders@herbivoreclothing.com and we'll get back to you straight away.