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Retail Store in PDX

THE HERBIVORE STORE • 1211 SE STARK ST • PORTLAND, OR 97214 • 503.281.TOFU (8638)

STORE HOURS  • Monday - Saturday 10 - 6, Sunday 10 - 5 •






Yes, we have an actual store! We opened between our good friends Sweetpea Baking Company and Food Fight! Vegan Grocery in November, 2007. Next door to Food Fight is Scapegoat Tattoo, which rounds out the world's only vegan mini-mall. Herbivore began in 2002 with a couple of ideas, a couple of credit cards and lots of idealism. We are so grateful to still be here, making veganism look good!

We've never been sure how we feel about the "mini-mall" tag, as there are just the four shops and we aren't particularly mini-mall-esque, but somebody said it, and it stuck. We don't mind, but if you come visit don't be disappointed there is no nail salon or all-you can eat Chinese buffet.

Please come see us! We love chatting with our customers. We're close in Southeast at the corner of 12th and Stark - about a mile from Portobello (where you should eat), about a mile from Canteen (where you should also eat), and about a mile from Blossoming Lotus (where you should also, also eat). In fact, we can tell you all about our favorite places to get vegan meals in Portland, just ask!



Josh, Amy, Michelle & Remy