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The Inspired Vegan by Bryant Terry


Product Description

Bryant Terry follows up Vegan Soul Kitchen with another book filled with music and stories and great looking recipes. I just spent 10 minutes flipping through checking out the musical recommendations that come with each recipe and making mental notes to check out some of the stuff I haven't heard before. But this is a cookbook! So I should be talking about the recipes! That is easy, as they all look great and get the mental wheels spinning trying to figure out when you want to make what. Here's what made me go "oooo!": Smoky tomatoes, roasted plantains, and crumbled tempeh; purple slaw with toasted pecans; velvety grits with sauteed summer squarh, heirloom tomatoes, and parsley-walnut pesto, saag tofu; cardamom-saffron sweet lassi with candied cashews.....I could go on! This book delivers the goods recipe wise, and should be as fun to read as it is to cook from.



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