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  • We are so happy to be launching our new line of screen printed goods, Defend Wonder! Our first print, which is 5x7 and could be mailed as a postcard or just as easily be put in a frame and hung on the wall sums up our cautious optimism about the new year. We aren't confident enough to proclaim it will be a great year, but we are confident enough to state the facts: 2021 IS GOING TO BE SOMETHING ELSE.

    We have math and the calendar to back up our luke warm welcoming of the next 12 months. WE'RE DOING OUR BEST! WE THINK THAT IS ACCEPTABLE FOR NOW! :)

    Specs: 5x7, printed on crafty chipboard, two sided. Modern version HERE.

    Printed by hand, by Josh, in his little studio, in Portland, Oregon.


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