Allowed To Grow Old by Isa Leshko

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Portraits of Elderly Animals from Farm Sanctuaries.

Isa Leshko's collection of animal portraits, biographical notes, and short essays bring us into the lives of animals saved by farm sanctuaries-- animals who can now live long lives where nothing is expected of them. Leshko started this process of visiting and photographing farm sanctuary animals to seek catharsis; to grieve for her mother with Alzheimer's, who had just been checked into a nursing facility. Those feelings of grief and fear come through in the photographs and biographies within this book, but there is also strength and resilience. Leshko's descriptive and hauntingly beautiful animal biographies are unforgettable-- you will feel closer to these animals than ever before, and begin to appreciate just how significant it is to be allowed to grow old.

Hardcover with protective book jacket. 126 pages.

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