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Aromi Liquid to Matte Lipsticks go on liquid and dry to a matte, velvety finish about one minute after application. Their light-weight formula gives a comfortable, long-lasting, non-drying matte lip. Their Liquid lipsticks are formulated from scratch, handcrafted in their own laboratory, and are made with the finest vegan and cruelty-free raw materials.



+ Sand Nude: a light nude shade with sandy tones

Stella Rosea: an earthy chestnut rose color

+ Power Red: gives a dark red lip that has a matte, opaque finish

+ Red Dahlia: a cool maroon with blue undertones

+ Rosy Rose: a dusty rose color that is a flattering nude on a wide variety of skin tones

+ Blush Nude: a light nude shade with peachy undertones

+ Cherry Red: a bright red, cherry-colored lipstick that has a bold, matte finish

+ Caramel Nude: a woodsy, caramel color with warm undertones

+ Miss Mauve: a mauve lip with a matte finish

Magnetic Mahogany: a warm brown lip with a matte finish

Terra Cottaa warm terra cotta nude-- great on a wide variety of skin tones

Dark Espresso: a dark brown-black color-- so pigmented that it almost looks black.

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