Big Skinny Zipfold Wallet

Article number: BS-Zipfold-GREY
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Big Skinny makes amazingly slim wallets that hold more than you could ever imagine - trust us! Basic, yet smart features allow you to stay organized. This compact zipfold wallet features:

+ four pockets hold 3+ plastic cards each
+ clear ID pocket holds 3+ plastic cards
+ two hidden pockets hold 3+ cards
+ pockets and billfold area are lined with a rubbery coating to help prevent your cards and cash from sliding out
+ perimeter zipper keeps wallet securely closed at all times
+ divided billfold area for receipts and cash
+ dimensions: 4⅞" wide x 3⅞" tall (11.7 cm x 9.7 cm)
+ only ¼" (7 mm) thin when closed!

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