Big White Yeti Candle

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We are OBSESSED with these candles! Hand poured in Milwaukee, WI using 100% American-grown soy wax, they're scented with undiluted essential oils and smell incredible.

  • Wicks are made of natural cotton threads interwoven with paper threads (no lead or zinc)
  • Generous 6-ounce tins with lids
  • 25-30 hours of burn time
  • Tin size: Height: 1 11/16" (42mm); Diameter: 2 13/16" (72mm)
  • Candles are 100% vegan. The scent descriptions provided are meant to describe the final product's scent and are not a declaration of individual scent components

+ Sweater Weather: Bright notes of ripe apples and a tingle of spice, infused natural cinnamon, clove, nutmeg, and cedarwood essential oils 

+ Nude Beach: simple, light and fresh with sugary note of sweet coconut oil - smells like sunscreen

+ Black Coffee: A deep blend of bittersweet chocolate, coconut, almond, caramel, coffee bean, and burnt sugar

+ Downward Facing Yeti: Combination of spearmint, eucalyptus, lavender, citrus, and calendula - ideal for yoga studios and overall relaxation

+ Yeti's Breath: Earthy, woodsy with touches of musk, amber and vanilla; captures the essence of Nag Champa 

+ Ginger Ale: Sparkly, with ginger, lime, lemon, and a hint of musk - EXACTLY like a fizzy mug of ginger ale 

+ Kitten Toots: Strawberry, bergamont, musk, and vanilla - not actual kitten toots, but perhaps what we wish kitten toots smelled like

+ Lemon Yeti: Lemony good! Fresh and citrusy!

+ Lavender Patch: Relaxing lavender

+ Night Swimming: Notes of sage, lavandin, and orange essential oils

+ Wild Hydrangea: Floral and sweet

+ Tiki Bar: Blended notes of coconut, pineapple, rum, tangerine, banana, and melon

+ My Drunk Sass: A crisp blend of white grapes, berries and fruit

+ Shave & a Haircut: Sweet aftershave, aromatic spices and orange zest

+ A Delicious Apple: Classic Macintosh apple

+ Birds and the Bees: Peaches, raspberries, magnolias, cyclamen, lillies, and a base of white musk

+ Camp Kinnickinnic: A combination of fresh pine, smokey incense, & pine resin. Smells like a backyard bonfire in winter

+ Sugar Magnolia: It has the pop of sweet cherries and oranges and earthy notes from citronella essential oil

+ Mountain Man: Top notes are pleather, tobacco, amber and musk. The base note is infused with cedarwood, patchouli, black pepper, and pimento berry essential oils.

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