Big White Yeti Mason Jar Candle Night Swimming

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It's a humid summer night. 

The moss on the pier is slippery, the bonfire crackles and pops in the distance, and suddenly with a huge rush of adrenaline everyone rushes, squeals and laughter break the stillness, bare-feet patter against damp wood, and with a splash, everyone jumps into the lake. 

You know what this moment feels like. 

We've captured the heat and excitement of these nights with our Night Swimming soy candle. It's rich with woody and musky notes and lightens up with a fusion of amber and sage and orange essential oils. 

It's an intoxicating scent. 


These pint size mason jar candles hold about 15 ounces of wax each. This candle burns so cleanly that after it's finishing (about 80 hours!), simply wash it out with warm, soapy water and use the jar as a beautiful addition to any room in your home.

Candles are hand poured and contains 100% soy wax (no paraffin or palm additives), a cotton wick, and essential and fragrance oils. 

Its dimensions are:
Height: 5.2''
Diameter: 3.2'' at widest point

***Comes in a CLEAR mason jar now (blue Ball has sold out)

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