7 ways to make your lunch as radical as YOU!

Bring your lunch to match your ethics/morals.

Here are SEVEN ways to make your #notsaddesk lunch align with your animal and earth caring ways. Just yesterday I was talking with Ruby about the difference between morals and ethics because a character in a book she is reading (YA romance novel FTW to get her reading!) is a vegetarian. It's the cute boy (that's her style) and she was like, "but he's still hurting animals by eating cheese and eggs... he should be vegan!" #thatsmygirl
And in case you are wondering an easy way to differentiate:
morals = subjective, personal, often religion based
ethics = shared principles promoting fairness



4 more to make it 7 ways (for lunch wins!)


That's it! SEVEN ways to make your lunch as awesome as YOU!
We use all of these items ourselves and can vouch for their quality and durability. Our stainless steel containers have been used HUNDREDS of times! Just check out #rubybirdslunch for PROOF!
xoxo - Michelle, Josh & Team Herbivore!


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