How long have you been vegan?

I have been vegan since March 2015.


What was your aha vegan moment?

Watching the documentary Cowspiracy was my aha vegan moment.


What is your primary Vegan Reason (animal rights, human rights, environmentalism, health)?

EVERYTHING! If I had to pick just one though, it would probably be animal



What’s been the best part of being vegan?

The best part of being vegan is knowing that I am not contributing to the death

and pain of animals. And the food, of course.


What did you/do you still struggle with?

People. I've struggled with people making fun of, not accepting, and not understanding why I’m vegan.


What’s the best advice you could give a new vegan (or, what do you wish someone had told/advised you)?

Just to ignore the people who try to tell you why consuming or wearing animal

products is okay!


What’s your Herbivore Story (how did you find Herbivore)?

I received a birthday present from Herbivore from my mom.


“To me, veganism is all about ___(equality, justice, love, health, spirituality, common sense)___, because…”

To me, veganism is all about common sense and compassion, because I want

to live in a healthy, clean world without animals being hurt for human benefit.



Adie's Favorite...

Animal? Right now my favorite animal is the ground sloth, which is sadly extinct.


Vegan restaurant/food cart? Nectar Cafe or Canteen.


Desert Island food? Apple, peanut butter, and cinnamon.


Energizing breakfast necessity? PEANUT BUTTER!


Veg product? Soy curl jerky.


Herbivore design? Cow Hugger.


Vegan Idol? Michael Greger.

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