Are You Ready for All This NEW?!

It's Good to Start Fresh.

Here's to an autumn and winter season full of more fun ways to participate in the vegan community, be kind to the environment, and love the animals! Woo hoo!

Sometimes change starts with the little things. Below are some of Herbivore's newest, grooviest vegan accessories and items to make the vegan future more colorful, environmentally-friendly, and FUN. They also make great gift ideas for all the non-vegans in your life who might just need a lil' push in the right direction. - XO


Bags Made Of Recycled Polyester, and Belts Made Of Hemp. Heck Yes.

Use Reusable Food Containers and Support Women Artists!

And Always Remember To...


Upcoming Events!

September 15 / Washington, DC / DC VegFest

October 13 / Chicago, Illinois / Chicago VeganMania

October 20-21 / Portland, Oregon / Portland VegFest

October 20-21 / Boston, Massachusetts / Boston Vegetarian Food Festival

October 27 / Dallas, Texas / Texas State Veggie Fair

November 3-4 / Poughkeepsie, NY / Hudson Valley VegFest

November 10 / Atlanta, Georgia / Atlanta VegFest


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