Avo-Freaking-Cado Tote!

We've worked with Enviro-tote in New Hampshire for longer than I've been a mother.
I have been a mother for 12 years (!!!) so you know, that's a lotta totes, and a lotta time.
They are a woman-owned company, and have made every single tote bag we've ever sold!


avocado tote!


But our newest tote with them is simply THE BEST. Don't you think??

We love avocados. Our daughter is 50% avocado for sure. And this tote is our homage to the beauty of the perfect, creamy, delicious fruit. We decided to line those 'cados up in perfect form to be screen printed, and our woven label sewn is on the exterior. Classy, huh?  And of course it says, BE KIND.

The bag measures 13" x 13 1.2" by 3" and the handle drops 11".
Perfect for your laptop and folders, or to use as a purse. 


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