Deep breath, put on a happy face....HELLO! YOU ARE WONDERFUL! High Five Issue 11

Raise your hand if you are a laugh to keep from crying type. Go ahead, don't be shy. Actually this is a dumb idea, I can't see you raising or not raising your hands. Let's try again, I'M THE LAUGH TO KEEP FROM CRYING TYPE! I hope you are too. I mean, get a good cry in, but it's too blurry trying to get things done and cry nonstop plus we're not supposed to touch our faces and when you cry nonstop you've gotta wipe the tears I'm saying, cry all you need to. Then take a break and laugh for a while. If you can. We're here to help with the laughing part. Actually, the last entry today will definitely make you cry so I guess we're helping on both fronts, YOU ARE WELCOME! Don't be afraid of the last one, it's so fucking sweet and wonderful.

Friends this is such a crazy time for all of us. We hope you are hanging in there and finding ways to keep your chins up. Please let us know how you're doing, we're sending big air hugs from at least six feet away to each of you. -JOSH & MICHELLE click here to read the whole shebang!

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