Kindness & New Mishakaudi Comin' Your Way!

Let Kindness Spread
Through Everything You Do.

Veganism makes being kind so much easier, but there's always MORE kindness to go around! Take that kindness outside of your kitchen and into the rest of your life. Buy local, shop sustainably, support marginalized communities, small businesses, and vegan craftspeople.

We recently had this brass hand-stamped Be Kind. Heart Necklace made for us by Mishakaudi, a vegan craftswoman who lives in our neighbor state, Washington! Let it be a little reminder to be kind every day, and support what matters.



More Ways To Be Kind!


Sending out kind thoughts to all of you, Herbivores!
Keep being awesome, kickin' butts, saving animals, etc.
xoxo - Team Herbivore


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