NEW! Keep Singing Feather Legging!

Always Keep Singing.

"Keep singing" is a message of hope for all of us trying to help, and to all of the animals that humans mercilessly exploit through factory farming, food production, clear-cutting, laboratory experiments, entertainment, or the fashion industry. We will keep singing for their freedom. We will not be silenced!


Not only are our Keep Singing Feather Leggings a gorgeous symbol of our commitment to the ethical treatment of animals, they are also made to last, using Anti-microbial Stretchflex technology to provide lasting recovery and a great fit. Whether you're jogging to the dog park, doing your sunrise salutation, or participating in local activism, these leggings will be with you on the journey.



  • - 90% nylon, 10% spandex
  • - Thick high waistband
  • - Sizes XS-XL


Check out our new legging below and remember to KEEP SINGING! Even if your voice wavers. Because we are the voices for the voiceless, and our voices together can make a difference.


- The Team at Herbivore Clothing Co.

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