Praise Seitan! The design that will Live Forever! PRAISE BE!

Praising Seitan since 2002.

Our second design EVER was Praise Seitan! We have recently redesigned the garments..... and we've got the classic on a couple of other choice items. Let's all get together and worship at the alter of wheat meat and spices!

Just to be clear... if you are not... Seitan is a faux meat made from wheat gluten. It is high in protein and extremely versatile. Any meat you ate from an animal can be made vegan with seitan! YEE HAW!



Upcoming Events!

September 15 / Washington, DC / DC VegFest CANCELLED DUE TO HURRICANE!!!!!!!!!!!! BOO BOO BOO

October 13 / Chicago, Illinois / Chicago VeganMania

October 20-21 / Portland, Oregon / Portland VegFest

October 20-21 / Boston, Massachusetts / Boston Vegetarian Food Festival

October 27 / Dallas, Texas / Texas State Veggie Fair

November 3-4 / Poughkeepsie, NY / Hudson Valley VegFest

November 10 / Atlanta, Georgia / Atlanta VegFest


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