Stereotypical Vegan-- Forcing Compassion on Everyone?

Vegan stereotypes. Angry. Pushy. Hungry. Skinny. Pale. Hates people. Loves animals. Judgmental killjoys.
Stereotypes be damned - we created this design years ago with an elephant on it (another vegan stereotype, the scrawny vegan, squashed by the herbivorous elephant).


I'm Vegan and I Love You!

Veganism stems from compassion. Kindness. Putting the needs of others (to live) before the desires (eat animals) of your own. Nothing very hateful about those qualities, is there?
We've had folks suggest over the years that we make a shirt that says "I'm Vegan and I Hate You".... hmmmm.... while we get the joke, we don't want to fuel negativity about the lifestyle we want people to adopt! Promoting hate is not an Herbivore value. Imagine how terrible a pre-vegan would feel seeing you wear that shirt? Definitely NOT attracted to the idea of changing into a vegan, right? #morelovelesshate #govegan




hey - we love you, fabulous Herbivore! xoxoxoxoxoxoxox


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