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Herbivore Spotlight: VeganMos

Herbivore Spotlight: VeganMos Ethan Ciment and Michael Suchman are under the Herbivore Spotlight. In their story, Ethan and Michael, the "VeganMos," discuss their book NYC Vegan, their thoughts behind what makes a strong vegan community, and how to successfully welcome people into that community (through food as well as your activism). Read on to learn about the VeganMos and how NYC Vegan is a celebration of intersectional community as much as it is an invitation for others to enjoy delicious vegan food.

Herbivore Spotlight: JL Fields

Herbivore Spotlight: JL Fields JL Fields is under the Herbivore Spotlight. Fields is the culinary director and founder of Colorado Springs Vegan Cooking Academy, a Master Vegan Lifestyle Coach & Educator, a Food for Life instructor, chef instructor, personal chef, career coach, and more. She also writes practical cookbooks like The Vegan Air Fryer and Vegan Pressure Cooking. Phew. What a mouthful! Read on to learn JL's advice for new vegans, her vegan reasons, and why teaching others to cook is so important...

Herbivore Spotlight: Marissa

Herbivore Spotlight: Marissa We are so thrilled to have Marissa Lewis under the Herbivore Spotlight. Marissa Lewis is the vegan artist and craftswoman behind Mishakaudi Jewelry, and we carry many of her unique necklaces, rings, and earrings in store and online. We love Mishakaudi Jewelry for their distinctive designs and effortless style, and because each piece of jewelry is made by vegan hands, from vegan materials, in the Pacific Northwest!

Herbivore Spotlight: Dianne

Herbivore Spotlight: Dianne Longtime vegan and animal rights advocate Dianne Lamberty is under the Herbivore Spotlight. Along with organizing events at Out To Pasture Sanctuary, Dianne is a therapist that works with families and people with eating disorders. She also rescued two pigs, Barbie and Skipper, from their fate to be food! Her relationship with Barbie, Skipper, and the other animals at Out To Pasture, has fueled her passion for animal rights and prompted her to become more involved with the vegan community. She has constructed her occupation and life around goals of peace and mindfulness, and believes veganism is the best way she can contribute to a healthier world full of empathy and compassion.