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Animals Behind Herbivore: Cheyenne

Animals Behind Herbivore: Cheyenne Today, we’re talking about intersectionality, allyship, and compassion. Intersectionality is a newly recognized word (only added to Merriam-Webster in April of this year) that is appearing more frequently in online discussion groups and news articles. So what does it mean, and why is this concept important for those of us who consider ourselves activists? How does intersectionality tie into our veganism and our search for a more compassionate future? I turn to Cheyenne, yet another Animal Behind Herbivore, for her thoughts...

Animals Behind Herbivore: Adie!

Animals Behind Herbivore: Adie! We bet you're excited to meet Adie! Adie is the coolest vegan teen who works with us on the weekends. We adore Adie for her down-to-earth attitude and compassionate outlook! Veganism is a challenging concept for some, but Adie feels it should be easily accepted and understood because it's really just about "common sense and compassion." Read on to learn Adie's vegan reason and her concise thoughts on the benefits of living compassionately...

Animals Behind Herbivore: Sierra!

Animals Behind Herbivore: Sierra! Hi! I'm Sierra. I have been vegan since I was in the 4th grade, and it's been the best lifestyle choice for me. I'm healthy, happy, and I get to work at this great vegan store, where I know I share the same values as my coworkers and boss... I'm pretty dang blessed. You can read all about me and my vegan Herbivore story here!

Animals Behind Herbivore: Claire!

Animals Behind Herbivore: Claire! Say hello to Claire! Claire is an Herbivore Clothing Co. customer. She was a longtime vegetarian and is now a new vegan! Hooray! She believes that sharing your vegan life experiences, like we do through Herbivore Stories, can help keep others (and herself) on the vegan track. Read more to find out Claire's story, her favorites, and her advice to all other new vegans out there...

Herbivore Spotlight: VeganMos

Herbivore Spotlight: VeganMos Ethan Ciment and Michael Suchman are under the Herbivore Spotlight. In their story, Ethan and Michael, the "VeganMos," discuss their book NYC Vegan, their thoughts behind what makes a strong vegan community, and how to successfully welcome people into that community (through food as well as your activism). Read on to learn about the VeganMos and how NYC Vegan is a celebration of intersectional community as much as it is an invitation for others to enjoy delicious vegan food.