Thank You Postal Workers!

Here's a fun printout for you to say THANK YOU to the hard working person who delivers your mail!

The USPS is an integral part of how Herbivore works. If we did not have the USPS, we would be forced to charge double the postage that we normally charge. We would not be able to offer free US shipping during this crisis, either. Folks that live in rural areas depend on the USPS even more than those of us in cities -- but right now -- could you imagine NOT having mail service? In Oregon, we are fortunate to have vote by mail! And have you ever just been awed by the fact that you can toss a .55 cent stamp on a letter and a few days later the letter just shows up where you sent it? How many postal workers participated? You just trust it will work - and it does, 99% of the time. Don't even get me started on how many MILES so many of these carriers walk per day! And how many faces they remember! And for some folks, the person who delivers the mail is the only other human they talk with every day. Mail carriers somehow get so little respect -- just like grocery workers, home health aides, janitors.... these are the people we ALL rely on, DAILY. I say THANK YOU! I SEE YOU AND I AM GRATEFUL FOR YOU!!
So please click here to print out our thank you, color it in if that's your jam, and hang it in the window or tape it to your mailbox! Show thanks for the people who make our lives better, every day. 

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