The Vegan High Five Issue 14 - Talking Dogs, Sunshine & YOU


WHUUUUUTTTTUUUUUUUPPPPP?!?!?!!? Not much here, if I'm being honest. It seems less and less is going on each week as we settle in to our new situation. I'm finding a little bit of calm in the middle of this storm because of this lowering of expectations and the ability to affect my situation. I guess I'm accepting that we're stuck here for a while—mostly in our home with daily walks and a couple of socially distant, stand near but not too near your friends dates a week. Krysti and our pal Tracy made masks for us, which we've begun wearing voluntarily as best we can. I eat a little chocolate each afternoon and lay down for a while. We've started going outside at 7 each evening and banging on some pots for a minute to show support for medical workers and first responders. I know how fortunate we are to be fairly secure in our physical surroundings and that we are surrounded by kind and thoughtful neighbors. We are very very thankful for these things. This has really given me a perspective on what we need vs. what we want for a happy life. I feel like I've always had a decent grasp on this but THE CURRENT SITUATION has definitely brought this into focus: people, connection, community, and helping others will provide more for you than money or things ever will. I mean, DUH, but still, this is so clear right now. 

That said, let's watch some laughing babies and talking dogs videos shall we?!?!?!?


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