The Vegan High Five Issue 8


Friend! HOW YA FEELING?! I feel good today, but can I ask you a question? And I want you to be honest. As you may know, we started this newsletter for a very simple reason and that was to spread a little good news, a little humor, a little well intended time wasting into our world. And I think we've been doing ok! But here is the question...and I know all of our news feeds are different so maybe this is just me...but does it seem, and I don't mean this to sound dire or foreboding, but does it seem EVER SO SLIGHTLY like the the world has KINDA spiraled into a swirling vortex and chaos and doom since we started trying to write funny emails to make it better? Be honest, it maybe kinda feels like that? 

I mean, I know it's not the fault of these emails, and we are certainly going to continue to launch them forth into the world with our original goal in mind, but...things have gone a bit off the rails lately haven't they? Or is it me? 

Just wondering! And regardless, we still have good things we want to share with you and we still very much want to give you something to smile about, so no matter, let's get to the good stuff! (But do please let me know if you think this is all our fault, ok?) -JOSH


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