The Vegan High Five Issue 5


Ah yeah, it's finally Friday!!! (I'm writing this on Thursday, but my enthusiasm is authentic so you can trust in my seeming overuse of exclamation points!!!) You may be wondering, "Josh, my dear friend, PERHAPS MY BEST FRIEND EVER!, why has such enthusiasm overtaken you?" Well, BESTIE, I can't honestly say. It's not like the world or our sorrowful country all of a sudden got awesome since last week. You could make a pretty compelling case for the exact opposite and hardly break stride. So yeah....not sure what has prompted me to call into service so many !!!'s. I guess...and this is going to sound corny...but I guess I'm just happy to be writing this email. The whole idea of the Vegan High Five was to send some positivity out into the world, and the process of compiling said positivity has put me in a good mood. I think it's kinda that simple. Plus, coffee! I've been having some great tasting beans come out of my little home roaster this week and the better it tastes the more I drink and the more I drink the more exclamation marks I use. So here we are! There is a 40 to 80% chance I'm being annoying so let's get to this week's high fives! -Josh


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