Vegan High Five Issue 15


It's Friday! Aren't you excited?! Can't you feel the electricity in the air?! Another week is in the bag and it's time to do weekendy things! Like lay around in sweatpants (which in our house are called "quitters"), eat chocolate, watch TV, maybe make an impromptu trip to the spare bedroom just for a change of scenery...OH THAT IS EVERYDAY FOR THE LAST WHAT FEELS LIKE 10 YEARS!!!

But I gotta be honest...I'm not minding so much today. There are a lot of ups and downs on the old emotional rollercoaster lately and I will come clean about something: I have written a couple of extremely upbeat sounding Vegan High Five issues while ACTUALLY feeling pretty far from upbeat. I'm not saying I lied to you, dearest, I'm just saying a couple of times I KIIIIINDA faked it till I maked it. 

I tell you that to tell you this: Today I am positively bubbly. Why, you ask? Not a clue. I've lost all sense of what makes me feel one way or the other these days, so I'm just rolling with it. Usually when I find myself in a particularly unexplainable good mood I use a lot more swear words. I will try and keep that under control as I write this issue, but be warned: when I'm feeling full of life, the potty mouth usually accompanies.

Now let's get to the effing goods, shall we? -JOSH

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