Vegan High Five Issue 16 - April 24


Can you believe we're almost through whatever month it is, oh fuck it who cares? Me neither! This is such an exciting time to who knows what and get fired up about absolutely nothing, don't you agree? Can't wait to spend some quality time doing whatever with nobody let's go eat more chocolate.

With that said, welcome to The Vegan High Five Issue 16! As always, we hope you are doing as well as can reasonably be expected and we hope you aren't putting too much pressure on yourself to accomplish unreasonable things.

We are doing ok. After a very tumultuous application process that involved some tears and yelling at our soon to be former bank, we found a place to apply for the Paycheck Protection Program and they came through in a fine fashion so we are feeling a HUGE weight has been lifted for a while. We've are also incredibly thankful for all of our customers and friends and fans who are choosing to shop with us. It fills our hearts packing up and shipping out orders to all you lovely people. One million, no, make that ONE BILLION thank you's!

Now let's get to the cute dogs and cookies, shall we? WE SHALL!


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