We've Got Art With ❤!

Let all who enter here...

Know that this is a home where only kindness and compassion are allowed! Adorn your kitchen and home with these beautiful handmade screen prints and all your guests will know that you are vegan for the animals, you eat like you give a damn, and that maybe, just maybe, you worship at the altar of seitan! 



These colorful birchwood wall hangings feature hand-pulled screen prints of some of our favorite messages and are made locally by Kenn TwoFour, a local vegan artist and craftsman!



More Art, Made By Vegan Hands...



Upcoming Events!

October 13 / Chicago, Illinois / Chicago VeganMania

October 20-21 / Portland, Oregon / Portland VegFest

October 20-21 / Boston, Massachusetts / Boston Vegetarian Food Festival

October 27 / Dallas, Texas / Texas State Veggie Fair

November 3-4 / Poughkeepsie, NY / Hudson Valley VegFest

November 10 / Atlanta, Georgia / Atlanta VegFest


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