What does an Herbivore purchase support?! Us supporting animals & the humans who help them!

Be Kind (Especially to Animals)

Did you know that when you buy from Herbivore:

+ you are supporting a woman run, vegan business that employs vegans
+ you help Herbivore give to sanctuaries, real dollars & also items they sell for dollars
+ you help us give thousands $$ to groups that rescue animals!!
+ you help us give to other social justice groups like Food Empowerment Project & SPLC
+ you promote veganism by spreading a compassionate message
+ you probably look amazing because we work really hard to design great looking gear!
+ you buy items that are sweatshop free. ALWAYS! we <3 people, too!
+ you help us support other vegans, so it's like a chain reaction of good!

Veganism is not about perfection. It's about Giving A Damn!



We hope to see you at these events to support the animals
and our amazing vegan community here in Portland!
Sending all our love,
- Team Herbivore


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