Christmas Lima Bean by Rancho Gordo

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  • "A rich chestnut texture and an almost nutty flavor make this the most unusual Lima bean. A true revelation for those who believe they don't like Limas.

    Christmas Limas are an intriguing variation on the traditional Lima. In Italy, you'll find them as Fagioli del Papa or "Pope's beans." Also known stateside as "Chestnut Lima" and sometimes even "Calico" beans. Whatever you call them, they've done a great deal to help fix the bad reputation of traditional Lima beans.

    A true Lima bean, originally from Peru (hence Lima), this gorgeous bean has all the "meat" of Limas, but with a chestnut texture. They're big and bold and can stand up to a chile sauce or curry... If you grew up thinking you hated Limas, you owe it to yourself to give this one a try.

    This is one of those beans that would be great with tons of garlic and sautéed wild mushrooms!"

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