Flexible Dieting For Vegans by Dani Taylor

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"If you're tired of not knowing how much to eat, or what to eat, or are feeling very restricted by a clean-eating lifestyle, you need this book..."

There's a lot of talk about how to eat "clean" and Dani Taylor is here to explain exactly why clean-eating isn't what vegans should be focusing on and prioritizing. Dani Taylor is a long-time vegan athletic coach and bodybuilding competitor. In this book she breaks down how flexible dieting is the answer for those of us who are looking for a way to improve our athletic performance and/or physique without following restrictive and demanding food plans, meal schedules, and general lifestyle choices. Flexible dieting is about eating sustainably and nourishing your body "while creating as little anxiety or obsession around food as possible." This book provides extensive nutritional information and macro information, encouragement, advice, and personal anecdotes in an easy to follow format. 

Paperback. 150 pages.

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