Herbivore X Perennial Lip Balm

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  • It's the collab you didn't know you needed until now:
    Herbivore X Perennial.

    We worked with our favorite woman-owned and operated soap maker Erin at Perennial Soaps to develop an exclusive line of Herbivore Soaps, Lip Balms, Body Balms, and Solid Lotion sticks. 
    We went to Erin with scent ideas that hit home for Team Herbivore and reflect where we live and what we love. Erin worked her magic and brought our ideas to life as 4 amazing products that we are so completely stoked to offer you! 

    The lip balms come in a paper tube and are shea butter, candelilla wax and almond oil based.
    .30 ounces per tube.

    Pour Over - Coffee Hazelnut Scrub - Team Herbivore does not start the day without coffee and nor should you. This lip balm smells like freshly roasted coffee with a hint of cocoa and dash of hazelnut, with a hint of coffee fragrance. 

    Purple Rain - Lavender Lemon Balm - In Portland, lavender and lemon balm grow like weeds. Spring through fall, it's growing in parking strips, gardens, parks - it's everywhere. And so many types of lavender, in every yard. Literally, the most beautiful weeds. And they smell incredible, like this lip balm.

    Green Machine - Rosemary Mint - Much like Purple Rain, rosemary and mint are literally everywhere in Portland. Essential oils make this lip balm so fresh and light and the smell is the relaxing salve you need.

    Snickerdoodle - I mean, the snickerdoodle is my favorite cookie. If you like cookies, cakes or sweets in general this is absolutely irresistible. 



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16 May 2022
Lori Beth
As a life-long, lip balm fanatic, I can confirm that this lip balm is FABULOUS!!! The formula is creamy and very soothing. Not so soft that it melts all over but just the right consistency to be very gentle on the lips. These balms even hold up to our SW Florida heat! The coffee and lavender flavors were outstanding. I found both flavors to be relaxing and very natural. There is no sweetener so you're not licking your lips all day, defeating the purpose of the balm. The cardboard tube is very sturdy and total perfection. I'm coming back for the other two flavors soon!