Kindness Prompt Cards

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  • This pack contains 60 kindness prompt cards to help you locate and expand your compassion and empathy. We talk a lot about being kind, but how do we make kindness manifest in our everyday life? It seems so simple, but often our emotional state gets in the way. As The School Of Life says, "a lack of kindness lies at the heart of so much of what goes wrong at work, in friendships, and in love."

    These Kindness Prompt Cards help you refocus on what matters: compassion. The cards have different thoughts on how a kind person truly acts, what traits we should value and emulate, and how to be mindful of everyone's differing perspectives and challenges. Pull a card daily to help recenter your motivations; flip through the cards when you're struggling to be kind to a certain person or in a difficult situation; give cards to your friends, family, or loved ones to show you appreciate their kindness (or to remind them of what matters).

    60 cards in box | 104 x 73 x 36mm | Illustrations by Erin Campbell


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