Mexican Oregano by Rancho Gordo

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  • A Mexican pantry staple loaded with bright, almost citrus-like, earthy flavor. Similar to European Oregano, but less sweet and with a slight citrus twist. There are many plants known as "oregano" in Mexico but this is the most common (Lippia graveolens). 

    A tip from a good cook in the Yucatan tells us that Mexican Oregano really shines when it's been toasted for a moment or two on a hot, dry skillet.

    Use in sauces, in salsas, sauces on simple grilled meat or anywhere authentic, savory flavor is needed.

    Dried Mexican oregano is one of the traditonal tabelside additions to posole. It's fun to take a large pinch and hold it high over the bowl and rub it, cascading down and scenting the dining room.

    0.5 ounce glass jar.

    **Not available for shipping to Canada.**


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