Mindful Vegan Meals by Maria Koutsogiannis

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"Nourishing Vegan Recipes for a Healthy, Confident You."

Maria Koutsogiannis is the inspiring creator of FoodByMaria. In her debut cookbook, she shares the 75 vibrant, vegan recipes that "paved her way to healing and self-acceptance." By opening up about her struggles with bulemia and unpacking her previously complicated relationship with food, Koutsogiannis' recipes gain more depth and explore the emotional nature of eating and food-making. This unique book is full of delicious recipes accompanied by self-love and self-acceptance anecdotes, nutritional tips, and friendly advice. So much more than just a cookbook! We are dreaming about making:

  • Cauliflower Buffalo Bites with Spinach and Capers Pizza (whaaat!)
  • Self-Love Buddha Bowl with Baked Falafel
  • Rice & Dill Stuffed Grape Leaves
  • Green Waffles with Creamy Corn Salsa
  • Creamy Greek "Feta" and Oregano Dressing
  • Strawberry Ice Cream Cake

208 pages.

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