Quick & Easy Vegan Comfort Food by Alicia Simpson

Article number: Q&E-Simpson 978-1615190058
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65 Easy, Everyday Meal Ideas and over 150 Recipes.

This book is full of down home southern flavors, mixed up with modern ethnic favorites (think Mexican & Asian)! All are super easy-to-make, classic comfort foods.

Includes recipes for:

  • Sweet potato pie
  • Grits & kale
  • Tacos
  • Mac & Cheeze
  • Sloppy Joesphs

-- all using basic grocery store ingredients! Perfect for those vegans "learning to cook" who want to make super yummy, filling meals. Most recipes are the author's version of the many staples served in any home, veganized, tweaked a bit and very speedy to make. Includes a great little chapter for green smoothies, too!

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