reCAP Pour Spout Lid

Article number: MJL-PourSpoutLid-White
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Pour cleanly from any wide mouth jar without dribbling! Liquids or dry items.

They have a 1″ hole and a rubber gasket to prevent leaking.
BPA free and Made in the USA!

Just some of the many uses:

  • Making salad dressing – the original use! The are perfect for making and dispensing home made dressings and sauces. 
  • Drinking lids – with or without a straw, these work great for almost any beverage.
  • Dispenser lids – we keep seeds, nuts, grains, spices and nutritional yeast under reCAP, and they would work for lots of other pantry products.
  • Pouring lids – we always have a few half gallon jars of juice, kombucha, tea, or iced coffee in our fridge. Before reCAP they would usually dribble a little when I poured out of them, but now they pour cleanly and there is no lid to set down while I am holding my glass and the jar
  • Fermentation lids – put a drilled stopper in the hole and an airlock for lacto-fermentation. When it is fermented to your liking, remove the stopper and store your ferment in the same jar with the same lid


reCAP recommends hand washing. We put ours in the dishwasher and they seem fine but they might not last as long, especially the rubber gasket.

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