Send Some Love, Save The USPS!

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  • Let's send some love by mail! We'll make it so easy for you:

    • Pick a card
    • Write a message
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    We will fill out your chosen card with your message, pop a few Herbivore stickers inside, put a stamp on your love note, and send it on it's way with our friendly postal carrier. 

    Did you know that the USPS is entirely funded through the sale of postage, shipping supplies, and merchandise?!
    It's true, and the USPS is under threat by our current administration. We LITERALLY could not afford to operate our small business without the USPS, not to mention all the millions of Americans that rely on the USPS for medicine and healthcare supplies. Americans that live in rural areas would be cut off if we lose or privatize the Postal Service. We must fight for our right to reliable mail delivery to every address in the US! 

    So, help us support the USPS! Send someone you love a card just to say hi! We will fill it out for you (we have great handwriting, i promise!) and pay the USPS for a stamp to send it on it's way! 

    Be sure that you put the shipping address as the intended card recipient! 

    Thank you for helping us show up for the USPS and send some love!!!!