Show Up For Salad by Terry Hope Romero

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"Are you seeking a different kind of salad?"

Terry Hope Romero is back again, with more amazing vegan recipes! Her newest project is Show Up For Salad, a book of 100 recipes for vegan salads, dressings, fixings, and more delicious additions. If you're the kind of vegan that resents salad, thinks of salads as boring or a last resort, then think again! This book will show you just how satisfying salad can be. You'll definitely be coming back for more. We're droolin' over: 

  • Peanut Avocado Brown Rice Crunch Bowl
  • All-Day Breakfast Nacho Salad Bowl
  • The Juicy Grilled Summer Days Peach Salad
  • Ginger Garlic Fire Dressing
  • Red Pepper and Almond Romesco Dressing

Paperback. 289 pages.

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