Smith & Daughters: A Cookbook (that happens to be vegan)

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Smith & Daughters is a wildly popular vegan restaurant in Victoria, Australia. This cookbook is the newest offering by it's co-owners and chefs Shannon and Mo. They made this super rad cookbook so that people could experience plant-based food the way it should be: big, bold, flavorful, noteworthy, celebration-worthy, and myth-dispelling.

Here are just a few of the amazing recipes you should cook: 

  •  Hot Cheddar & Pickled Jalapeño Dip
  • Oyster Mushroom & White Bean Ceviche
  • DTF: Down To Fiesta (several recipes for a killer taco night spread)
  • Albondigas Con Picada De Almendra (Spanish Meatballs) 
  • Brazilian Slaw
  • Warm Spanish Doughnuts
  • Pan Con Chocolate

Krysti says: "it's only March but this book might just be in the running for my absolute favorite cookbook of the year. This is the kind of cookbook that crazy cookbook collecting people like myself get really, really excited about! First of all, it is BEAUTIFUL! The fantastic photography, perfect typography, thick matte pages, and details like the page marking ribbon, make this a delight to hold, read, and marvel over. Then let's talk about the authors: Mo and Shannon. They have done a great job of infusing their unique personality and stories throughout. Read it cover to cover and you will know these ladies. You will understand their vision (you will love their brightly colored hair and tattoos) and you will get why their restaurant and deli is such a fantastic success in Australia. Finally, the recipes. There is some seriously creative, flavor-packed food in here. From easy dips and starters to gourmet (but not fussy at all) entrees. Get this cookbook. Grab some friends, a few bottles of good wine and beer, and cook some damn good food."  


*** Important Note about this cookbook ***
Some of the recipes in this book list the ingredients by their animal derived names. For example, a recipe might list chicken stock as an ingredient, or milk, cheese, or butter. Early in the beginning of the cookbook they note that these listings assume their animal-free counterparts. They give the best substitutes for each and indicate that you are always using the vegan version. This IS a vegan cookbook, don't worry, just get cooking!

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